Sunday, June 26, 2005

odds and such

Just a few things I wanted to write. On the side there you can see me fluttering with a pink butterfly. Some time before that I went to tgbg and got attacked by a mass amount of foxweir, I also gained experience from skinning a vermine and a rat.. and thats it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

done with evus and a busy two hours

Today I met my goal of getting 500 trainings with master Evus. I am training with Troilus now instead of any trainers in the barracks because I still want to have 'pure' Evus. Anyways, on to the action. All of the following took place within two (ooc) hours.
The day started well. There were seven or eight orga beserks running around east field. Me, Astral Duck, and Fiona killed them all. After that, me and Fiona continued to the lily pond, where met up with Thoomilicious. The feral cave was empty, but we did manage to find a few cmr and lsw. After that the three of us went to river tunnel. We were lucky enough to find a blood wyrm, which suprisingly we had no trouble with. While we were searching the tunnel we saw an odd sight. A few crawlers were swimming around in the river.
We then went to the wurm cave. There were many carnivious wurms, two large taxhis wurms, and a blind amphibian. Needless to say we needed a bit of help with the last one. Geotzou, Cyan, and Zaerion came to help us out. After a few rounds of fighting with it, it lay dead on the ground. After this, the group went to the river tunnel to find two blood wyrms. We got a bit unorganized, we killed were able to kill them on the second try. After this the group went to the rocky cavern. It seemed a bit empty to me, but we quickly cleared the place out and went to the lily pond. It was empty besides two swamp ferals in the loop, and an lsw on the beach. After this most everyone but me went to the library.
And thats it, bye!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


I'm back after a week! Had a great day today too. Many hunts and five ranks. The first was a lily pond hunt! Five lsw, no one fell (too badly). Enough said.
Next we went to noids. Great fun! We got lucky and ran into many blue ones.
Some time after I went on a rescue for some fallens in the foothills. It went pretty badly. An invasion of devil's leeches happened during the rescue, and most everyone ended up fallen (on the rescue and in town) Me and Oberon got out thanks to Toto and his chain. The rescue was postponed until the invasion was over (it didn't last too long)
If you are wondering what a devil's leech is, they attack very quickly like an AH, and they do slightly more damage than a normal leech, but have more atkus. Of the three I killed they were, a slotter, kill, and a kill respectivly. (I got to town rather late)
Later after, me, Ansset, Ding, Yosaku, and Taryn went to the queen's chamber at the hive. We got lucky here too and there were many spawns of juicy myrm. It ended with a tough and toothless queen. We were going to go to the river tunnel after this, but everyone left or something, so we didn't, but we did go to the lilly pond. An lsw there ended up taking down Yosaku in two hits. I got lucky and it wiffed me one of the times it hit me, and was slowly able to kill it (after Yosaku got it red). I had to leave shortly after.
When I got back I went on an undine hut hunt with Lorikeet, Measle, Darius, and Leinis. It went pretty well, except for this part. I probably should have ran away instead of letting them surround me.
After all that, I failed at the third circle fighter's test again. Killed everything but the rage.
Later, me and Fiona killed some swamp ferals at lp, until we were join by Hoggle, and later Amfi. There were four lsw and around 10 swamp ferals, and we ended up killing two of the lsw at the same time. (before and after) The hunt went nicely and I gained a few zu in the process.
Shortly after, I went to cold and snowy on cloud to help on a rescue. There were four polar bears that I saw. We took them out lsw style two at a time. Everyone scattered pretty quickly after those two died.

And then Sal got too sexy.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

south forest fun

Today was a fun day! I have been in a good mood. It started with a hunt with Thoomi, Lapis, Koraleva, and Pun'isher. We were fortunate enough to have a large amount of artaks attack us while at the mirror sn'ell. I actually became useful and bricked some of them. We ended up killing them without having to run away (much).
Soon after we met three or four maha ruknee north of the ya'da sn'ell. Everyone fell but Kora. Great fun. Right after that we went over to the savanna. (Ansset and Kani joined up with us after they and others rescued us. thanks!) We killed many maha for the amount of time we spent there, and after we cleared it we went to the dunes. After three lsw, Ansset got hit to quite. We all eventually got to town after that.
A few hours afterward, me and Kitlin went to zerkwood. It didn't start out too great. Me and Kitlin quickly got seperated in that confusing place and fell. We were just as quicky rescued by Veer, Fuinur, Gunslinger, and Kani (again!). Thank you much! I am still very glad that you guys came to get us.
The final thing for today interupeted me writing this! Fresh off the feather stuff. Me and Nemesis went down to rescue Kensiro at kitty beach. Sound normal? Nope! 29 artak and many many island panthers amoung a maha! Groggy Lenk had to come for extra healing power. I left quickly so I could finish this up.
Oh look, I'm done! With this I must leave for a zodiac! See you later!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today was boring, so yesterday's report!

Yesterday was a fun day. It started when math started dropping his pants! Then everyone else did. Great fun. Then ten hours later, vermine/undine/orga were all about north of town. It was really fun for someone on my level with all those 4th+ circle healers around. Made me feel pretty useful, until the orga fury came and made me fall. Summary of invasion; many undine in hut, then vermine in north field, undine hut again with a bit of orga and vermine, then north field again with vermine. Then it all over, lasted an hour or so. Till next time, Raul.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

boring day!

Nothing much happened today. While running around south forest I met a bear. The picture on the side is me running away! I fell about ten times cause of all the fog, and Janus was able to save me every time (if you see him /thank him for me :D) Later I got bored and went to the vermine tree, and what a surprize! vermine! there were a lot of them though, i lost count at around 50. Then after I helped on a MI rescue, I stopped by CI to find an island panther! Proof CI isnt 100% safe! On another note, after many training with Evus, it seems I keep Histia on her toes now! And thats all that really happened today.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

hunt & invasion

Today started out normal. Went hunting in brambles with Lassair, and then we continued to the savanna. It was pretty fun and we both nearly fell several times. Every time I fell, Lassair always seemed to make the many maha disappear and was able to heal me saftly. Later Leggo joined up with us and we killed a few lsw. After we were done we headed to town, and when we got there we found that town was being invaded by scarmis! The invasion didn't last too long compared to others, but it was fun anyways. Soon after I went to study.