Friday, September 02, 2005

Kitty Beach

The spawns at KB were something you had to see. I heard it broadcasted over the sunstone network that there was a '1000 artak spawn' at kb. Of course I thought they were exaturating, and expected around 20. Was I wrong. As soon as I stepped in I was met by six artaks, and the numbers grew and grew. I found that Super Chicken had most of them surrounded, and when I thought it was over I managed to kill or help kill exactly 40 of them, no telling how many I didn't even hit. So when we thought it was all over, another spawn greeted us. They came quickly, and we didn't have much time to take a defensive position. After about twenty seconds we had a wall of fallens acting as zu, and not many healers were standing, and then while we were slowly loosing the battle, two forest drakes and one fire drake appeared out of the sky. They didn't cause much of a problem as their flames could not reach us. Not long after a group of rangers came and killed the artaks surrounding us. You could hear another fall one after the other until they were all gone. As we were still healing, a few more drakes came, but were quickly killed. We were then met by over fifty summer artaks. With most of the rangers still with us, they were taken care of much more quickly than the other groups. Nothing else came after that, and I managed to pull off about 130c too.
Thanks everyone for helping out!


Blogger Super Chicken said...

it's kinda funny Raul, but that whole thing was kinda my fault 8B and I let Pun'isher take the blame! MUAA HA HAA!!

September 03, 2005 4:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha! I should have know it was you , Chicken? That was fowl. How'dya do it?

October 20, 2005 9:05 PM


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