Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jade Noids and a Sugary Shrine

Today I was at jade noids noids for a while. Many people came and left, and I joined somewhere in the middle of it. Not soon after I came things turned south, as you can see on the side. We were quickly rescued, and before long we went to the second chamber. It was my first time there and it seemed a bit easier than I was anticipating. After we cleared the second chamber we went back out and headed to the top. Things got a bit panicy when jades spawned on both sides of us, but we ended up having no problem with it. We went back to the top, and down to the bottem several times and eventually the hunt was over.
Not too long after the jades hunt, I visited the Bakery and I found a ladder leading to a sugary shrine! To my knoledge I'm the first to know about this, and that makes me happy :)
Thats it for now, bye everyone!


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