Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Melabrion's Mines

The other day, after going on golum hunt the group I was with decided to go to the mines. We ended up finding a tin ore and a gold ore, and I happened to win the gold! Suu'ub won the tin. As we continued, things got harder. We ended up going deeper than I have ever gone before, not that I go there often. We had to turn back after we met a barrier of stone because a lime tok'han, fire beetle, and lava beetle were on the same side of the barrier as us. The exit went smoothly with few delays, and soon after we all were in town.
Later I went hunting for furs in the south forest, and ran into several artak, as you can see on the side. Nothing bad happened and they all died, making my pockets heavier.
I've also gotten a new outfit, made from some clothes I haven't worn in a while. I think it looks pretty good.
On another note, I've finished training with Troilus and Skea some time ago and have begun training with Atkus, whose training has already made me lose a swing. Other than that he is a nice guy. Now I must leave to earn back the coins I lost at the coliseum. Bye now!

edit:found a butterfly while coining. also sf is a lot busier when you are the only one hunting it. i'm happy :)
found another butterfly the day after i found the last one. it kissed me right before it died, and then i found another just one snell south. happy again :)
found two more butterflies 30 minutes after the last ones. both at mirror snell, both dies before they kissed me. :)


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