Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Butterflies and jade noids!

Yesterday, me and many others got kissed by a purple butterfly! Yay! I am still a butterfly today and am trying to stay like this for a long time
Later I went to jade noids! What a bad idea. I must have fallen and went to the bottem five times. The whole thing lasted around five hours. I don't remember how things went exactly, but it sorta went like this. We went in, fell after a while, got chained out, went back in to get others in there, fell, another group came, fell, then we all got rescued except for two or something, so we went back in, got trapped behind a backspawn, had other spawn behind us, fell, and then another group saved us. Somewhere in between some people went to the second cavern and fell, but they were able to get chained and ported out.
OK bye.


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