Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fun stuff!

Two days ago, I went to the lily pond alone because I was very bored. It looked like it was cleaned out recently, but was able to find a swamp feral, and since I usually come here with a group, I soloed my very first swamp feral. yay! Later, Joe announced that he was having a race competition or something. I got there first, and I won! I didn't win the race, so I'm not really sure what I won. But I'm happy anyways. Then later there was a party in town! Cake, pretzels, and ale. The occasion? Gilgamesh had too many cooking supplies. Yay for him!
Later I went to Dal'noth with a group. Most everyone ended up falling (not me of course!) and then another group came to help us. We ended up finding a Hel'noth and killing it after a long and epic battle of lightning and wiffs. And then later two val'noth zapped me after I fell thus putting me out of the game. We were leaving anyways so it wasn't a big deal. Also in the middle of that I got experience from a clanmate at the first time! Who was the clanmate? Algernon! Yay Algy!
The end.
p.s. I joined laughing academy a while ago :)


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