Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ferals in south forest

While hunting in the south forest I keep running into ferals! I didn't think they were native here. Maybe they just like chasing all the cats. Today was an odd day. Many scavenger birds came to town today, but they were quickly exterminated. I also seemed to have lost me best friend Sparky. If anyone sees him tell me please. Yesterday I went hunting with Lassair, Fiona, Creed, and Klio in the savanna. Most of us ended up falling in the dunes and a huge group came to rescue us. Earlier that day there was a big Astral Hunter invasion! Here you see me make use of the many rats.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

cove gone crazy

cold lyfe on the water
water lyfe
I went to the cove yesterday hoping for a little fun. Unfortunatly the gods had something else in mind. After we got halfway in there was a huge harvester lyfe spawn. There were at least 50 of them, and soon after I was 'saftly' in the water a cold lyfe spawned out there with us! I went of the cove and the thing followed and fell me. The gods removed it soon after. I did not get a chance to see if it did end up lyfing me, because I am deep into my studies at night, but when I do find out you will be sure to know. After that happened, several strong exiles came and killed many of them, but the lyfe kept coming. There was also a super cold lyfe there which caused a lot of trouble. Eventually most everyone there went to town on a chain, I didn't go back for another round. Regards, Raul
aldernon after trying to bb
super cold lyfe

update: I didn't get lyfed, thank the gods!

Friday, May 27, 2005

about me

I was exiled on Gradi, the 24th Day of Autumn 556, at noon. I am of the People and am a second circle fighter. who trains with Master Evus. I am getting close to being able to pass the third circle test. I can kill all the monsters in the test but the orga rage. I am getting close to my Evus goal of 500 ranks, which I hope to complete in two or three zodiacs.
I am pressed for time right now, so enjoy my hunt and if you see me in the lands tell me 'hi!'
bye bye