Wednesday, August 24, 2005

kb, vt, arena, and fairgrounds

Sorry about the lack of journaly stuff as of late, been pretty busy! Anyways this one is mostly about when Eldon came to the fairgrounds the other day, I don't really remember what we talked about, but there was lots of chickens! I'll tell about the more hunty type stuff first.
Let's see.. there was some dv in vt, an orga beserk on kb, and Omega was down and (not) out!
Now fairgrounds stuff! Let's see.. chickens, chickens with double the bawk, and killer chickens! And then Maryjane smoked us all. Oh! And butterflys.
(Sorry about the briefness!)
the end!

Monday, August 01, 2005


Today when I stepped out of the library I learned that the carnival was in town! It is located in the east-north field. After stepping through the portal I looked for the game to win shirts. The game is called "Duck Shirts" and costs 75c to play. You have a chance for a duck to land on a colored circle on a 12x12 grid. After winning every kind of shirt and spending 6.5k, I finally won the bright green shirt. Currently the carnie who runs Duck Shirts isn't there anymore.
I then played a game much like Duck Shirts, except it was for coins. The game cost 2c to play, and there is a chance for a rock to land on a colored rectangle on a 4x4 grid.
There are several game just for fun that don't cost anything like pushball (where you slip and slide), a game where you make the weight go to the bell, a love tester (which I passed :D) and a tilt-a-whirl.
The last game was bumper boats where you could run into people and make them go out of control!
You could buy several snacks and drinks there, and there were two costumes available to wear. (the two top ones) Also there was a scale! I weighed 58 stone (812 pounds/368 kg!)
I will probably write more after the Duck Shirts guy comes back.
Bye for now!