Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Metzetli Island

Today, a new island was discovered by Ansset. It is just south of Dal'noth and contains a wide variety of new wildlife! One of the first things we encountered there were the haremau kitties and the rudremau. A bit further west we found the adult haremaru, which were very vicious. After defeating the beast, we headed west and found black mambas, toads and a big pit. Do not go into the pit. After we departed from that pit, we headed west and north to a cave full of gloaming wendecka, and a few wall arachne. After heading east from inside the cave, we found a couple of paths, and used some creative tactics to explore them. Most of the paths lead nowhere, but there was one we decided was too dangerous and skipped. We then followed a mystic path where we found what looks like a ruined wall of a structure (the only sign of sapient life we have found so far). After we went through one or two more paths, the group met its second mass depart. Most of the group then headed to the library, but soon after another group of exiles went back to the island and went north to find a place inhabited by twilight wendecka and basalt greymyr. After a bad spawn, the group left, but as they left I joined another headed west to explore. I joined up with them to find many of the same I have already seen on the island, until after many hours we had a run in with three adult haromau, which lead to the group's disbandment, and my third depart on the island (froggy!). By this time only a handful of exiles are roaming the Lok'Groton islands, which leaves to to write this journal entry. Hope you have enjoyed seeing a small bit of the island if you haven't yet.