Monday, September 12, 2005

Orga Warlocks (and some HH)

This whole thing started when several bolts came into town from the east and hit Skirwan. At first it seemed he would survive, but after a bit more bolts came he fell. I thought it was just the gods playing with us, but it was soon found out that it wasn't the case. From the northeast came more bolts, striking me down. The origin was soon found, as around twenty orga warlocks came into town, claiming it as their own. Soon exiles began taking refuge inside the temple and library, but the warlocks, as a pack, headed into the library causing a bit of panic, until they left and went into the temple while zapping anyone foolish enough to get in their path.
Soon there were enough exiles in town to counter them, and they were driven eastward, and to make a long story short, we killed them in east town, both of the east fields, tanglewood, the meadow, and OC1, and there were some butterflies found while exiting. Not anyone I know of went to Snaggy or OC2 afterwards, so if you are going there soon, take caution.
On the subject of Snaggy, a group of exiles went there looking for orgaberries yesterday. While going through the Tonle sn'ell, we ran into the phantasm collector which Azriel notes on in his journal. We eventually went through Wisher's Gate into Hatred Hollow. It was going well until.. everyone fell. (Suu'ub -almost- got out with our PFer, Richard) In a reasonable amount of time (considering we were in HH) we were rescued and chained to the trainer's grotto. We were healed and left via Snagglewood. Thanks to both groups that came to rescue us!
See you guys in the lands --Raul
(Slight addition) beer bubbles make you drunk!


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