Tuesday, March 02, 2010

oh no!

I went over a year without a post! How embarrassing!
A lot has changed, I became a ranger, passed 7th, the castle actually opened, and I actually started training detha!
Anyways, here's a bunch of sketches of stuff that happened between now and my last post.
here is the first few from the set

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Today I was kept busy hunting for a loong time. When I first came came out of the library I was asked to go to the lily pond with a few people to act as brick. It was going well until three lsw came and killed two of the fighters and a healer.
Next I went to MI with Lorikeet and Lerris. The island was empty except for a vp and boloks, so I suggested we kill some golems. We were able to kill all the golems there except for the ones in the tower, which we didn't attempt (but I bet we coulda killed them too). Both me and Lerris fell more than I would have liked but I think we did good overall. Next time I go there I will be sure to do better!
Right after that Lorikeet, Kisa, Blitz and I went to Metz. We were the only ones out of the library so that made it a little bit more exciting.. if we fell no one could save us! We did get close to all falling once but we were able to recover and continue. Blitz was able to start and finish rud studies and shortly after he finished the studies we had to run back to cove to avoid another near disaster.
After we got to the cove Lorikeet, Zehl, Kisa, Hoggle, Connie and I went to valley. It was rather uneventful.. did one run, killed typical valley stuff on the way, then continued on to foothills with Zehl and Gremlins joining us.
Foothills started off rather bad for me, a few seconds after leaving CD for foothills a big mean rock came and fell on me! After that hold up we continued on to kill many mnw! I am not sure how many coins we made but Connie said we got 500c each, and that is good news for Raul!
After spending a while at the foothills we ran around dredwood. We cleared the first snell and then cleared the one to the north, then lured things from the really bolty snell with the barricade before we left.
After dredwood a few of us join a large group at the myrm have. There were a number of stronger myrms there today, like yesterday, but not nearly as many. The group was able to quickly push onwards to the qc, and kill everything inside of it.
Soon after all the myrm were dead, I did KI cove with Nyla and Nemesis, and did KI inland with Kitlin, Pe Ell, and Kestral added. It seemed a lot of the lyfes were sick, but we were able to get a lot done.
After KI, Lorikeet and me went to do valley. I think its a bit more interesting with only two people. We had quite a few beetles on entry and even more beetles spawned while we were killing them, but soon they were all dead and we continued outside. The first couple snells had kitties and the next ones had some sas. We employed a strange strategy but it seemed to work for us. After we did one run we got news that a chaos storm was coming, so rather than exit we decided to go backwards and kill anything that might have spawned before the chaos storm hit.
After the storm I woke up in the temple. At this point I was pretty tired. I had been hunting for about 7 and a half mainland hours nonstop (save a few 5 minute breaks). I lied down in tc and ended up falling asleep.
This was the most and longest I have hunted in quite a while. After it was all over I found myself 4 trainings stronger and a bit worse for wear. I do hope to have more days like this, but hopefully not too often. A fen can only hunt so much!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I decided to make a list of all the locations of costumes I know about, feel free to contribute using the comments! (thanks Doctor X, Largo, Arbitor, Manquilor, Mephisto, Hoggle, and Daimoth)
Lepori (rabbit thing from Arindal) - Junko's place
Bunny - East town in southeast corner
Purple Tor - Hiding outside of Purple Tor Inn
Snail - Snail racing place in Phisneyland on TI
Guard dog - feral den
Fen costume - Town hall (where you choose race)
Cat - Hustus' house (northeast of town center)
Chicken - outside Castle Alliance
Sheep - southeast farms in northeast corner
Horse - Shroom (brambles)
Darshak - Ash Outpost (south of horde)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Metzetli Island

Today, a new island was discovered by Ansset. It is just south of Dal'noth and contains a wide variety of new wildlife! One of the first things we encountered there were the haremau kitties and the rudremau. A bit further west we found the adult haremaru, which were very vicious. After defeating the beast, we headed west and found black mambas, toads and a big pit. Do not go into the pit. After we departed from that pit, we headed west and north to a cave full of gloaming wendecka, and a few wall arachne. After heading east from inside the cave, we found a couple of paths, and used some creative tactics to explore them. Most of the paths lead nowhere, but there was one we decided was too dangerous and skipped. We then followed a mystic path where we found what looks like a ruined wall of a structure (the only sign of sapient life we have found so far). After we went through one or two more paths, the group met its second mass depart. Most of the group then headed to the library, but soon after another group of exiles went back to the island and went north to find a place inhabited by twilight wendecka and basalt greymyr. After a bad spawn, the group left, but as they left I joined another headed west to explore. I joined up with them to find many of the same I have already seen on the island, until after many hours we had a run in with three adult haromau, which lead to the group's disbandment, and my third depart on the island (froggy!). By this time only a handful of exiles are roaming the Lok'Groton islands, which leaves to to write this journal entry. Hope you have enjoyed seeing a small bit of the island if you haven't yet.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Sorry for the lack of entries folks, been having problems. Here is a bunch of sketches of the past however long it has been.
ah invasion

two ore in mines (both stones)
165 emerald
fallen bowling
helping Treebeard
lots of rodan
running pitch(?) and albino noid
rescuing Algy
hot snow
yellow team

all comments welcome! :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Orga Warlocks (and some HH)

This whole thing started when several bolts came into town from the east and hit Skirwan. At first it seemed he would survive, but after a bit more bolts came he fell. I thought it was just the gods playing with us, but it was soon found out that it wasn't the case. From the northeast came more bolts, striking me down. The origin was soon found, as around twenty orga warlocks came into town, claiming it as their own. Soon exiles began taking refuge inside the temple and library, but the warlocks, as a pack, headed into the library causing a bit of panic, until they left and went into the temple while zapping anyone foolish enough to get in their path.
Soon there were enough exiles in town to counter them, and they were driven eastward, and to make a long story short, we killed them in east town, both of the east fields, tanglewood, the meadow, and OC1, and there were some butterflies found while exiting. Not anyone I know of went to Snaggy or OC2 afterwards, so if you are going there soon, take caution.
On the subject of Snaggy, a group of exiles went there looking for orgaberries yesterday. While going through the Tonle sn'ell, we ran into the phantasm collector which Azriel notes on in his journal. We eventually went through Wisher's Gate into Hatred Hollow. It was going well until.. everyone fell. (Suu'ub -almost- got out with our PFer, Richard) In a reasonable amount of time (considering we were in HH) we were rescued and chained to the trainer's grotto. We were healed and left via Snagglewood. Thanks to both groups that came to rescue us!
See you guys in the lands --Raul
(Slight addition) beer bubbles make you drunk!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Noids Stuff

(I got it in 4 ^.^)
When I got there horus was being called. (Anyone want to add all that horus power up? someone said 10k or something) After everyone got healed and after some stronger exiles made a few runs inside, I finally got the courage to go inside. It was crazy! Webs coming one after the other at five different exiles. We slowly made our was south to kill all of the big noids. There were at elast 6 black widows, and no telling how many emeralds. It took a few tries but eventually everything died. The whole thing lasted about six (ooc) hours. After it was all over there was no sign of anything happening there.. and thats all I remember about that. Bye!